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Alecto FR-175 QUADSET - Set of 4 Two-Way radios - range

Built-in flashlight | Range up to 7 kilometres | Long stand-by time (up to 24 hours)

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Two durable walkie-talkies for outdoor sportsAlecto FR-175 QUAD Walkie-talkie setSet of 4 walkie-talkiesIntegrated flash lightRange up to 7 kilometresLong standby time (up to 24 hours)Ideal for outdoor sportsWith the Alecto FR-175 QUAD walkie-talkie set you will have a great experience and a lot of fun. At the campsite, on weekends, during holidays or for outdoor sports such as snowboarding, fishing, mountain biking, etc. This walkie-talkie is the ideal asset for any situation. Thanks to the wide range of no less than 7 kilometres, the built-in flashlight and the simple to use operating system, this walkie-talkie set is the right choice for every occasion.Walkie-talkie set that meets all expectationsWith these durable outdoor walkie-talkies, you are able to stay in touch with each other during every activity, and for free. This set is compact and has a belt clip. The walkie-talkies use 8 channels and scans for available channels automatically. It is also super convenient that this set can be used hands-free in combination with the Alecto FRH-10 headset. This makes the use of walkie-talkies legal and safe while driving.A practical walkie-talkie setAn important feature of this set is that rechargeable batteries are included. The charging station to charge these walkie-talkies is included as well. You can save quite a bit on the purchase of new batteries. These durable outdoor walkie-talkies have a long standby time of approximately 24 hours, so they can be used for nearly a full day.This walkie-talkie set is certainly convenient in the dark. Besides staying in good contact with each other, it also has a flashlight built in. This is very useful for navigating the campsite in the evening. Furthermore, it is easy to use and this set has all the features you would expect from a walkie-talkie set.What's in the boxWalkie-talkie 4xRemovable belt clip 4xCharging station 2xAdapter 2xRechargeable batteries 4X



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