Alecto FRH-10 DUO - Airtube headset Two-Way radio, 2 pack, black


Two-way radio ears - listen and speak via the FRH-10 DUO Headset

Those who often use a walkie-talkie know how useful it is to avoid having to keep the walkie-talkie on your ear all the time, when listening and speaking. That is why Alecto has developed the FRH-10 DUO headset. Plug in your radio, earpiece and you are connected. These earphones work together with all Alecto radios that are suitable for a headset and, because you always have 2 walkie-talkies during a conversation, the FRH-10 DUO is a set of 2 earphones.

Two-way radio earphones with high-quality specs

The FRH-10 DUO two-way radio earphones meet all the requirements that you can expect from an Alecto product. The headset has been developed and extensively tested in our own Research and Development centre in Den Bosch. As with all Alecto products, with the FRH-10 DUO you do not only get a solid product for the home, but you can also be assured of comprehensive service. You will find extensive information on our website and if that is not enough, you can always contact our service staff for telephone or e-mail support.

The advantages of the FRH-10 DUO two-way radio earphones:

  • Professional headset
  • Compatible with all Alecto radios with headset connection
  • Ergonomically shaped earplug
  • Inline microphone
  • Replaceable silicone earplugs

Two-way radio earphones for both VOX and PTT

The FRH-10 DUO two-way radio earphones are suitable for both PTT and VOX radios. All radios from the Alecto range are equipped with PTT (press to transmit / push to talk). That means: if you want to talk you have to press a button to send. Other Alecto radios are also equipped with VOX or Voice Activated Transmission, this technique ensures that the radio detects you are speaking by means of a sensor and it will then transmit automatically. The FRH-10 DUO two-way radio earphones are suitable for both types. If you connect them to a VOX radio and you speak into the microphone of the headset, the transmission will start. When you combine VOX technology and these earpieces, you receive the real hands-free experience.

FRH-10 2.5 mm connection

The FRH-10 is equipped with a 2.5 mm plug, 3-pole. Pay close attention to the kind of connection your walkie-talkie has, otherwise an adapter plug might be necessary. The FRH-10 works in conjunction with the latest Alecto radios.

With Alecto you choose a well-thought-out and user-friendly high-quality product.

What's in the box?

  • Air tube headset 2x
  • Silicone earplugs 4x
  • Manual NL / EN / DE / FR

Inline microphone with airtube | Easy to hear and talk | Comfortable to wear because of ergonomic designed | For use on Two-Way radios | 3-Pole 2 | 5 mm plug

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