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Alecto Heat detector

Rapid warning of unusual heat. | Ideal for use: kitchen | Garage | Long life 10 year sensor

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Fire protection with a heat alarm for your entire homeWe like to take precautions to keep our loved ones and belongings safe. Installing a smoke alarm, attaching a CO alarm or preparing the fire blanket is a small effort that can make a big difference. But what do you do with spaces where these measures don't work? Like the kitchen, where preparing a nice meal simply produces steam and triggers the smoke alarm? In that case, a heat alarm would work. A handy and reliable device that warns you when the temperature in the room rises above 57 degrees Celsius, a temperature that is not measured in normal circumstances and quickly indicates fire.Like all our products, this device also meets Alecto’s high-quality requirements. It’s fire protection you can rely on, because we develop, test and improve our entire range in-house.Fire protection for rooms where smoke alarms don’t workThe operation of this heat alarm is like that of a smoke alarm. Where the smoke alarm goes off when smoke develops, the heat alarm does this in case of heat. The main features of the device are:The alarm goes off when a temperature above 57 degrees Celcius is detected.It’s suitable for use in areas where a smoke alarm could give a false alarm, such as in the kitchen, garage or bathroom.It has a loud alarm of 85 decibels, which you can even hear when deeply asleep.It has a self-test button to verify that the heat alarm is functioning properly.It’s quick and easy to assemble.Complete your fire protectionTo make your home or business completely fireproof, you will need several things: smoke alarms, fire blankets and heat alarms. Our heat alarms are delivered with a 9 Volt battery with a long lifespan. The battery provides the LED light with energy, enabling you to see if the heat alarm is functioning at any given time. Is the battery in danger of running out? Then you receive a low-battery notification.With Alecto you choose a well-designed, user-friendly and high-quality product.What’s in the box?Heat alarm2 plugs with screwsManual NL / EN / DE / FRUniversal manual



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