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Alecto Infrared ear thermometer

Precise temperature measurement in | Temperature reading within 2 | Automatic storage of the last 10

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Infrared ear-thermometer with reliable resultsAlecto Baby BC-27 Infrared ear-thermometerAccurate infrared temperature measurement in the earMeasurement result within two secondsBrightly lit digital displayThe last 10 measurements are automatically savedIncluding handy storage boxSimple and easy functioningBattery operated (included)An accurate measurement is done in no timeA fever or a temperature elevation sometimes occurs in children. An increase in body temperature is a sign that something is going on physically. Often it is due to a cold, the flu, or certain bacteria that your child's body has yet to get used to. As harmless as it often seems, it is very important to know how high the increase, this way we can evaluate how to fight the fever. Is it a matter of just going to bed early or is it better to call the doctor?Automatically saves the last 10 measurementsAn ear measurement is one of the best ways to measure the temperature. With today's technology, the measurement is quick, easy and reliable. This reliable infrared ear-thermometergives an accurate measurement result within 2 seconds. Thanks to a bright blue backlit display, it takes no effort to read the temperature. The last 10 temperature measurement readings are automatically saved. For example, after a few measurements it becomes clear whether the fever is decreasing or increasing.Includes storage boxThe reliable infrared ear-thermometer is easy to use and more comfortable for your child than most other measuring methods. The chance of transmitting germs or bacteria is minimal because the measurement is taken via the ear. The handy storage box (included) means you can take this reliable infrared ear-thermometer with you while keeping it safe and protected during traveling.Always consult your doctor with an extremely high fever (above 40.5 °C) or if the fever lasts for a long period of time.What's in the box?ThermometerStorage boxButton cell battery CR2032Manual NL / EN / DE / FR / IT / ES



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