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Alecto LED Lightbox A4, 3 lines, 85 letters and numbers

Light up your personal wish | Create new messages quickly and | A decoration piece for home and

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LED Lightbox - create your text with 85 letters and symbolsAlecto ALB-01 LED Lightbox A4Create and illuminate your own wish, greeting or personal messageCreate new messages quickly and easily with the 85 coloured letters and symbolsAvailable in the colour white/blackWhat is the ALB-01 LED Lightbox?Give the interior of your living room, kitchen or bedroom a boost with this LED lightbox. A stylish light box of a spacious A4 size (30 x 22 x 5.5 cm), on which you can make a nice text yourself. You have 85 coloured letters and symbols at your disposal, plus your own creativity! The system is very easy to use, so you can add a new message every day. Or use the LED lightbox as the note-on-table from before smartphones; let your children know that you are at the neighbour's or tell your husband that he is cooking today. The LED lightbox makes any message a lot more fun.How does the LED lightbox work?The lightbox needs six AA batteries of 1.5V. You will enjoy this for a very long time, because the LED lighting is durable and economical. Do you prefer to use a plug? Then you can order a 500 mA adapter. The LED light box is stable and stands firmly on a table or cabinet, but you can also hang it on the wall. The back side has two eyelets for the screws.What are the advantages of this LED lightbox?This lightbox fits in almost any interior. Not only at home, but also at work, in the hospitality industry and at the gym. Your message will be given extra atmosphere and more attention if you place it on a LED light box. We summarize the advantages:The lightbox is a playful way to convey your own wish, greeting or message.With the 85 coloured letters and symbols, you can create new messages quickly and easily.The lightbox is slightly larger than A4 size (30 x 22 x 5.5 cm) and has three text lines.The twelve LEDS require little power and give bright light. You can put the light box down or fix it to the wall. With this LED light box from Alecto, you choose a strong brand. Our products are leading in the market. With over forty years of experience, we develop (mainly) electronics that meet all your requirements. High quality for an attractive price.What's in the box?Light box85 numbers/letters



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