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Alecto LED night light

The soothing light lets kids catch | Orientation light in nursery | Blue soothing LED light

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The Alecto ANV-18 LED Kids Nightlight is an energy-efficient nightlight with beautiful blue LED lighting. It provides just enough light to change a diaper and too little to make your baby feel like it's daytime. This light is ideal for the nursery or child's bedroom and has a very long life. It is also suitable for use in a hallway, stairwell, bedroom, etc.....Reassuring nursery night lightAt night it gets darker which can make a child feel tense. In the normally safe environment of the nursery everything is quiet and things become a bit scary because you can no longer see exactly what is happening. What's under your bed? What's that weird spot on the wall? A little bit of light won't hurt and will help put your mind at ease and help you sleep peacefully. A full night's sleep is valuable for growing children. The Alecto ANV-18 night light fits into any socket and radiates a soft white blue light. This way, your children's room is also completely familiar at night.Why is this children's room night light so nice?This night light can be turned on every night because the LED lamps are energy-efficient. In addition, it is a light of excellent quality, which lasts a long time. The main features of the nursery night light are:The LED technology is energy efficient.The very long lifespan, so you can enjoy it for years to come.The automatic switch-on and switch-off based on the ambient light. When it gets brighter, the light goes out and in the dark it comes on.Night light for the nursery and other placesThe features of the Alecto ANV-18 make it not only suitable for the children's room but it can also be useful to have a small light on the floor landing so that you can easily find the toilet at night. The same goes for a the hallway downstairs or lobby which connects the living room with the other rooms. You no longer have to leave a lamp on in these places at night or search for the light switch; this night light provides sufficient visibility for safety and security. This night light does not have a day/night sensor.What's in the box?Night light



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