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Alecto Microwave bottle sterilizer

Sterilises bottles quickly and | Steam sterilisation neutralizes | Fits most microwaves

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With the Alecto Baby BW05 bottle sterilizer you can clean bottles and teats in no time without the use of cleaning agents. The sterilizer bottle works with steam and kills 99.9% of all bacteria. If you are bottle feeding or breast-feeding milk, you will most likely to go through four to six bottles a day. That's a lot of cleaning work, which you can leave to the bottle sterilizer. Your bottles will be ready again for use within six minutes and you won't have to worry about it. How relaxing!Key featuresSterilizes bottles quickly and easily, without detergentsSteam sterilization neutralizes 99,9% of all bacteriaIdeal for large and small bottles, pacifiers, lids, cups, etc.Fits most microwavesFits up to 4 large bottles of 250 ml eachRemains sterile with closed lid for up to 24 hoursCompact format, easy to use on travelsHow does this sterilizer bottle work?The sterilizer bottle is a sturdy, lightweight container with a lid. You rinse the bottles and teats and put them upside down in the container. Pour approximately 120 ml of normal tap water into the bottom of the container. Close the container by placing the lid on top and put it in the microwave. Turn the microwave on at the highest setting for six minutes, and you're done. The bottles are now spotlessly clean and can be kept sterile for up to 24 hours provided the lid of the container remains closed. The bottle sterilizer has space for four 250 ml bottles all at the same time and fits into any conventional microwave oven.Why is this sterilizer bottle ideal?As soon as babies are born, they come into contact with countless new bacteria. That is good for their immune system and resistance. However, some bacteria can cause stomach cramps or diarrhea, this can be easily prevented by using the right equipment. This bottle sterilizer leaves bottles and teats spotless and babies feeling happy and content after feeding.What do you pay attention to with a bottle of sterilizer?When do you know you have an excellent sterilizer bottle? Here are some important features:No need for cleaning agents, as there is no residue remaining in the bottle or teatOn steam, killing 99.9% of all bacteriaUsing normal tap water, so absolutely no bottle water is used, which can be expensive and environmentally harmfulBPA free, the plastic of the BW05 does not use harmful plasticizersAs a parent you are probably familiar with Alecto Baby due to our popular baby monitors, but we have many more fantastic baby care products. With Alecto Baby you choose a well-thought-out and high- quality product.The Alecto Baby BW05 has a handy size that is suitable for almost every microwave. Ideal for travelling. The bottle sterilizer has a height of 16 cm, the diameter is 28 cm.What's in the box?Sterilizer bottle with lidBottle holderManual NL / EN / DE / FR / IT



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