Alecto Mini smoke detector with 5 year battery, 2 pack


2 mini smoke alarms SA-100 with a 5-year battery life

Make your home fireproof, so you and your loved ones are warned in case of a fire. In our modern, structurally smart homes, it is sometimes difficult to imagine that a fire could occur. But unfortunately, it still happens too often. In certain circumstances, a warm, smouldering place can very quickly develop into a raging fire. It is then essential that you are warned in time and can get out. There are all kinds of products for this like the smoke alarm, which has been around for many years.

And here's the evolution of the smoke alarm: from log device to mini smoke alarm. Despite its modest dimensions, this small smoke alarm has a battery life of five years and is also very stylish. Attractive design is not a prerequisite for a device that can save your life, but it is a nice bonus. We take fire safety very seriously and think carefully about all aspects of the fire safety products in our range.

Small device, great fire safety

In addition to smoke alarms, an extinguishing blanket and CO alarm should also be present in your home. Alecto has a comprehensive package of fire and carbon monoxide protection, so you are sorted. You can fully trust our products. We develop, test and improve all our articles in-house to guarantee the best quality. Some of the main features of this mini smoke alarm are:

  • Its high quality: it complies with EN14604:2005/AC:2008.
  • Its extra small size.
  • The included batteries with a lifespan of no less than five years; you simply install the alarm and your fire safety is guaranteed for years.
  • The alarm goes off at a volume of 85 decibels; an elephant couldn’t sleep through it.
  • There is a warning signal for if the batteries eventually need to be replaced.
  • The easy assembly, with a bottom plate, plugs and screws included.

Start fire safety right away

Making a building fireproof is inexpensive, both in terms of investment and time and effort. An excellent and complete fire safety package can be found for just over 30 pounds. Thanks to our smart mounting solutions, you have everything installed in no time at all.

Alecto offers a well-designed, user-friendly and high-quality product.

What's in the box?

  • 2 SA-100 smoke alarms
  • 6 lithium batteries
  • Mounting material
  • Manual NL / EN / DE / EN / ES
  • Universal manual

Rapid warning of smoke and fire | 5 Year lithium battery | Compact and stylish design | Extra loud alarm >85 dB | Test button

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