Alecto SA-19-5 - Smoke detector with 5 year battery, white


Affordable long-life smoke detector for your home

Good fire prevention does not need to be expensive. This is what the Alecto SA-19-5 proofs, at an affordable price you can keep yourself and your family safe. Once installed, you will not miss the loud sound of the SA-19-5 and there is no need to replace the battery for 5 years. This way everyone is alerted to a fire situation before it is too late.

Not only is the SA-19-5 very affordable, it boasts the premium quality you are looking for

  • Complies to the EN 14604 standard, which is specific for smoke detectors
  • Extra-long battery life because of the included 5 year battery
  • Due to the optic measuring technology the detector responds to fire immediately . This gives you and your loved ones the precious extra time to escape to safety.
  • Easy to install. All mounting necessities included.
  • Gives you a warning when the batteries need to be replaced.
  • Test and reset button

Time-out button

There are some situations when you will want to pause the alarm of the smoke detector. For example, if you are grilling with friends, or someone smokes a cigarette too close to the detector. The SA-19-5 has this option. With the time-out button you can pause the alarm for 10 minutes. Since the button is big, you can also easily push this with a stick of a broom.

Low prices, but very complete

With the SA-19-5 there is a 9volt Alkaline battery supplied. Next to this you will also receive the bottom plate for mounting, and screws and plugs to mount the smoke detector on your wall or ceiling. After mounting, because of the separate mounting bracket, you can easily remove the Smoke detector with a click to replace the battery

With Alecto you choose well-designed and easy to use products of a premium quality.

What’s in the box?

  • Smoke detector
  • 5 year battery
  • Mounting plate
  • Screws and Plugs 2x
  • Manual NL / EN / DE / FR / ES

Rapid warning of smoke and fire | Long life 5 year battery | Extra loud alarm >85 dB | Time-out button: temporarily reduces sensor | Hush button: the alarm signal is temporarily

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