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Alecto Set of 2 kids’ walkie talkies, range up to 3

Set of 2 kids’ walkie talkies | Set of 2 kids’ walkie talkies | Range up to 3 kilometers

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Super fun children's walkie-talkie from Alecto for optimal funAlecto FR05CAMO Children's walkie-talkieRange up to 3 kilometresEasy in useTalk time up to 4 hours3 ChannelsA weekend at the camping site or cosy outdoor play becomes even more fun with this children's walkie-talkie from Alecto. With a maximum range of 3 kilometres and three channels, the Alecto FR05CAMO is a small powerhouse. Take this great set on the road and you can easily communicate remotely with your "partner in crime". Every child finds it very cool to talk via the Alecto children's walkie-talkie.Play fun adventures, both outdoor and indoorWith the Alecto FR05CAMO children's walkie-talkie you can let your imagination run wild and play your own fun adventures. For example; imagine that you are on an important mission with a friend. "Hi Roger, what are you standing now? ... over". With these two-way radios it is really just like in the exciting movies!Set of two children's walkie-talkies for the most exciting adventuresThe set of two children's walkie-talkies from Alecto is easy to use and can easily be carried in your backpack. In addition to a range of 3 kilometres, this radio has a standby time of up to 35 hours and a talk time of up to 4 hours, making them perfect for that long walk and providing many hours of fun. These children's walkie-talkies have a compact size and fit perfectly in your hand or even in your jacket pocket. Thanks to the detachable belt clip, you can also easily attach the radios to your clothing.Specifications of these Alecto FR05CAMO children's walkie-talkies:Set with 2 walkie-talkies for childrenEach unit works on batteries (3x AAA, exclusive)Super easy to useCompact size, so easy to take anywhereCommunication technique: Frequency 446 Mhz PMRWarranty: 24 months manufacturer's warrantyIncludes detachable belt clipClear-notification toneRangeThe range of a walkie-talkie depends on a number of factors. Greater transmission power often does not result in a much wider range. More likely, the location from which you would like to send is the limiting factor. Think of the presence of obstacles such as buildings, vegetation or other (transmission) equipment in the area. In addition, the curvature of the earth will also play a role. Walkie-talkies that are used on the ground already experience this within 6 kilometres. The higher your location, the better the range usually is.Taking these factors into account, an estimate of the effective range is given below:Built-up / vegetated areas: up to 15% of the maximum rangePartly built-up areas: up to 45% of the maximum rangeUnobstructed view / open areas: up to 100% of the maximum rangeWhat's in the box?Walkie-talkie 2xDetachable belt clip 2xQuick start guide NL / EN / DE / FRUniversal manual



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