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Alecto Sleep trainer, night light and alarm clock

Helps children develop sense of | Encourages children to stay in bed | Set alarm when it's time to get up

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This sleep trainer teaches your child day and nightSometimes children find it difficult to judge when it is day and when it is night. They wake up and think it's time to get up, when they should actually be in bed for a few more hours. This problem often becomes worse as the days get longer and shorter, or when summer and winter time begin.The BC100TIGER is a sleep trainer that helps children develop a sense of time.How exactly does such a sleep trainer work?As a mum or dad, you set a time on the BC100TIGER sleep trainer that you find suitable for getting up. You put the sleep trainer in your child's bedroom in a place where he or she can see it well. The display has a blue colour at night and also shows a moon. This is a sign for your child to stay in bed. Has the time you set been reached? Then the BC100TIGER sleep trainer jumps to an orange screen in which a sun can be seen. Time to get up! This way you can train any child, even if they can't tell the time, to stay in bed longer, and you get a better night's sleep.The sleep trainer is wireless and rechargeable. We supply a micro-USB cable for easy charging. The brightness of the screen can be adjusted into 7 positions. You can also use it as a night light if you wish. Finally, the BC100TIGER is also an alarm clock with alarm.Here is a brief outline of the versatile possibilities of the BC100TIGER sleep trainer:Sleep trainer, helps children gain a sense of timeCan also be used as a clock with alarm clockMoon in the picture / blue screen: it is time to sleepSun in the picture / orange screen: it is time to get upWireless and rechargeableA sleep trainer you can rely onThe BC100TIGER sleep trainer is a product of Alecto Baby Care. Many young parents rely on our products to make their daily life easier whilst providing better ways to take care of their child. Our products often come out on top in tests, and we are market leaders in baby monitors.By choosing Alecto, you purchase a well-thought-out and high-quality, user-friendly product.What's in the box?Sleep trainerMicro USB cableManual NL / EN / DE / FRUniversal manual



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