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Alecto Smart wifi LED lamp

Wifi device | Connect to | White light (2700k) and all colours | Dimmable LED Bulb

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More atmosphere in the house with these 3 Smart Wi-Fi light bulbs3 Smart Wi-Fi light bulbsFor iOS and Android devicesDifferent colours and white lightDimmable controlVoice control with Alexa or Google HomeTo use via Tuya Platform, Google Home or AlexaNothing beats bright lighting inside the house. The Alecto SMART-BULB10 TRIPLE gives you smart lighting which improves the atmosphere everywhere inside your house. The light bulb connects through Wi-Fi so you do not require a gateway or bridge. It is dimmable without any complicated installation and provides a beautiful bright white light, which allows you to adapt it to your taste. When you dim the Smart Wi-Fi light bulb, the luminous intensity is reduced. This is ideal for when you have a fancy dinner or in a romantic setting.Smart Wi-Fi light with SmartlifeThe Alecto SMART-BULB10 TRIPLE is easy to operate through your smartphone or tablet. The only thing you have to do is to download the Smartlife App. Using the Smart Wi-Fi light bulb is very easy via voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The app offers you full control over the Smart Wi-Fi lamp. Install the app first on your smartphone or tablet to operate the lighting. This fantastic light bulb not only provides you with white light but also different colours to create the perfect atmosphere inside your house. Simply chose the colour fit for your mood. The Smartlife App is perfectly compatible with iOS and Android.Quick and easy to installThe Alecto Smart Wi-Fi light bulb is quick and easy to install in the adequate fitting. Connect the light bulb to your Wi-Fi network and it is ready to use. This smart light bulb not only works with the Smartlife app but also on the Tuya platform. Everything is designed so you can customise around your own lifestyle to make your life easier.The Alecto



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