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Alecto Smoke detector, 3 pack

Rapid warning of smoke and fire | Extra loud alarm >85 dB | Time-out button: temporarily

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Good fire protection doesn't have to be expensive. The Alecto SA20 3x proves that. For the smallest possible price, you get a piece of safety in your home that shouldn't be missing. Once installed, this set of 3 smoke detectors will alert everyone in the house with an unignorable, loud sound when a fire situation occurs.This low-budget smoke detector may be inexpensive, but it still has all the qualities you're looking for: It meets the EN 14604 standard which was developed specifically for smoke detectors, and its optical measuring principle means it reacts immediately to a fire. This gives you and your loved ones as much time as possible to leave the building and notify the emergency services, and it's easy to install. All fixing materials and the battery are included. A warning is given when the batteries need replacing, and it has a test button and a temporary off button. There will be situations when you want to switch off the smoke detector. For example, if you are cooking on a grill pan in your home. Or you're having a party and there are smokers in the group.Time-out / Hush buttonThe SA20 3x has a handy time-out button, which enables you to switch the detector off briefly if the situation requires it. This cheap smoke detector is delivered complete and comes with a long-life Alkaline 9V battery. The base plate for attaching the smoke alarm to the wall or ceiling is also included in the package, as are the necessary screws and plugs. So whether you want to attach it to a wooden ceiling or a stone wall, all materials are included with the product. With Alecto, you choose a well-thought-out and user-friendly product of high quality.What's in the box?Smoke detector 3xAlkaline battery 9V 3xBaseplate 3xScrews (6x) and plugs (6x)Manual NL / EN / DE / FR / ES



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