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Alecto Smoke detector with 10 years battery and sensor

Rapid warning of smoke and fire | Built-in lithium 10 year battery | Optical sensor with 10 year

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Smoke detector with 10-year battery lifeA smoke detector is a small device which provides protection from smoke and fire. A smoke detector is essential in every household and office. If there is a fire, you need to know immediately so you can act accordingly. This SA-110 TRIPLE smoke detector will fulfil this action for you. When smoke is detected the smoke detector will warn you with an 85-decibel alarm. For comparison, this is the level doctors advise wearing earplugs. In other words, a sound level you cannot ever miss!The big advantage of the SA-110 TRIPLE is the built-in Lithium battery that gives you 10 years of operation. Once installed, you never have to think about any inconvenience of replacing the battery.Our customers tell us that they also bring the SA-110 DUO to their holiday address, just to be sure of the right protection. Why would you accept less than perfect safety on your holiday?Long lifespan and easy mountingThis compact design smoke detector has a lithium battery with a 10-year lifespan built in, next to this the sensor also has a long life of 10 years. This ensures that your smoke detector will work for at least 10 years after installing. Imagine the advantages; you will never have to buy new batteries for the smoke detector, saving you money, and you will never have to take a ladder to change them. This product comes with a 10-year warranty. This long life also brings an added safety, and peace of mind, because there is no risk of an empty battery during an emergency situation.Time-out, hush, test and reset buttonIf there is a fire, the SA-110 TRIPLE will advise you promptly with a very loud alarm. If the fire is small and you manage to put it out, you can manually turn off the alarm. It is advisable to test your smoke detectors often, and you use the same button for this. For extra easy use and safety, the entire front is the Hush-button / Test button.This way you can never miss the button especially if you are using a stick or broom to push it.In short, the SA-110 TRIPLE offers:Set of 3 smoke detectorsHigh quality, complies to EN14604:2005/AC:2008Long lifespan of 10 years thanks to the extra strong lithium batteryThis product comes with a 10-year warrantyLoud alarm of 85dBFast and easy mountingFast response to smouldering firesIdeal protection to take with you on holidaysWith Alecto you will choose well designed and easy to use products of a premium quality.What’s in the box?Smoke detector with build in Lithium battery (3x)Mounting plate (3x)Screws (6x) and plugs (6x)Manual NL / EN / DE / FR / ES



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