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Alecto Smoke detector with 10 years battery and sensor

Rapid warning of smoke and fire | Built-in lithium 10 year battery | Optical sensor with 10 year

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Smoke alarm with a 10-year lifespan due to strong batteryA smoke alarm is a small device that provides fire safety. Every house should have one, because a fire can occur in any house. In the unlikely event that this happens, it is important to be able to act as soon as possible. A smoke alarm takes care of that. If the smoke alarm detects smoke, it emits a loud alarm of 85 decibels. To illustrate, 85 decibels is the initial level at which doctors recommend earplugs. It’s a noise level that cannot be ignored.The big advantage of the KH-210 is that it comes with a strong battery that has a lifespan of no less than 10 years. After installation - a simple job - you will not have to worry about it for a long time. This product comes with a 10-year warranty.Many customers tell us that they take the KH-210 smoke alarm with a 10-year lifespan on holiday to use at their destination or in their caravan for which it is very suitable. Why would you settle for less safety than what you have at home when you’re on holiday?What makes you rely on this smoke alarm for 10 years?Alecto offers an extensive range of smoke alarms, including the KH-210. When designing this line, we paid particular attention to several things. The most important thing is that a smoke alarm is reliable: does the device still work optimally after it has been installed for several years? This obviously applies to Alecto smoke alarms as well. A smoke alarm must be able to respond to a smouldering fire immediately, providing you and your family with as much time as possible to leave the building. The KH-210 does just that! A third – and very important - safety requirement is the alarm’s volume. At 85 decibels, the KH-210 smoke alarm emits a sound you won't be able to sleep through.In short, the KH-210 offers:High quality: it complies with EN14604:2005/AC:2008.A long service life of 10 years thanks to a strong battery.This product comes with a 10-year warranty.A loud, unstoppable, alarm of 85dB.Easy and fast assembly.A quick response to slowly smouldering fires.Ideal protection for in and around the house and on holiday.Choosing Alecto means you choose for a well-designed, user-friendly and high-quality product.What’s in the box?Smoke alarm with a built-in batteryMounting plate2 screws with corresponding plugsManual NL / EN / DE / FR / ESUniversal manual



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