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Alecto Starry sky projector

The soothing light lets kids catch | For the best bedtime ritual | Auto off after 45 minutes

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A cute nightlight projector in the form of Airplane EddyAlecto Baby AIRPLANE EDDY Starry Sky ProjectorSoothing lighting in the baby roomAdjustable coloursSwitches off automatically after 45 minutesNo installation required, ready to useEasy operationAffordable priceCute night lamp projector lets children sleep peacefullyAs your baby grows, he or she experiences new things every day. For example, think about vision development, new colours, focusing and learning to understand about the environment we live in. Learning to handle life and the difference between day and night. Sleep is very important for good development but also for the growth of your baby, this is especially true for young children and even more so for babies. The cute nightlight projector comes in handy when you want to speed up the process of getting your baby used to a healthy and important sleeping pattern.Sleep ritualAdults usually sleep when it gets dark but babies and small children still have to develop these patterns. We often help our baby to develop sleep rhythms through, for example, an evening ritual, the last porridge bottle or a relaxing warm bath before bedtime. This makes it easier for your baby to fall asleep as the routine and environment becomes more and more familiar each day. With the Starry Nightlight projector, your baby gets used to the ritual of sleeping much faster.Easy operationThis cute nightlight projector from Alecto Baby is an ideal gift for an expectant mother. The starry night light projector has three colour settings and is easy to operate. You can achieve soothing lighting in the nursery immediately after switching on the night light. Thanks to the playful design, it immediately blends into any nursery and soothing lighting can be quickly achieved just by switching on the night light, no installation is required. After 45 minutes, the Starry Night Light Projector switches itself off automatically. With an Airplane Eddy your baby will doze off to sleep with the stars in the sky!What's in the box?Starry sky projectorUniversal manualQuick start guide EN



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