Alecto UDM-60 - Retro microphone, chrome


UDM-60: retro microphone with modern specs

The UDM-60 retro microphone is a style icon from music history. When you see its chrome shine and retro design, you're right back in the '50s and '60s in your mind. Rock ‘n’ roll, doowop, big quiffs and patty coats. If you are a fan of the genre and sometimes organize a party, karaoke or if you are a DJ, this eye-catcher should be part of your audio collection. And while this microphone has a retro look, the specs are far from that. The UDM-60 is a full-fledged microphone with all the features that fit today's requirements. You can connect it to any sound system that is common today, using XLR. The magnetic on and off switch prevents you from hearing any annoying clicks or pops when using it. Another noteworthy property is its robust construction, which is one of the main reasons it stands out.

 The UDM-60 retro microphone in a nutshell:

  • combines a classic look with modern quality
  • filters any unwanted environmental sounds
  • adjusts the frequency to vocals or speech for better performance
  • has a silent magnetic on/off switch
  • works with any modern equipment using its XLR connection

What does the retro microphone package include?

The UDM-60 comes with a number of extras, enabling you to use the microphone right away. For example, you will receive a XLR connection cable of 5 meters / 16 feet to plug into your audio set or mixer. In addition, it includes a sturdy, plastic storage case so you can transport the microphone in a neat and protected way. Finally, there is a threaded adapter on the retro microphone, allowing you to mount it onto a microphone stand. The stage is all yours!

Retro microphone with full Alecto support

The retro microphone has been developed and extensively tested at Alecto's own R&D facility in 's-Hertogenbosch. And as you may expect from Alecto, the UDM-60 is a solid product with extensive support if it is needed. All our products come with a clear manual. Our Customer Services Team can be contacted by telephone or e-mail. Alecto offers you a well thought-out and user-friendly product of high quality.

What's in the box?

  • UDM-60 microphone
  • XLR connection cable of 5 meters / 16 feet
  • Solid storage case
  • Microphone stand adapter
  • Manual in NL / EN / DE / FR

Classic 50’s design | Chrome-look | Wide frequency response range for a clear sound | Hyper-cardioid characteristic ensures maximum gain | Silent magnetic reed on/off switch

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