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Alecto Video baby monitor with 2 cameras and 2.4"

Video baby monitor with 2 cameras | 2 cameras: ideal for several | Long range (up to 50 m indoor | Up

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Easy to use baby phone with 2 camerasAlecto Baby DVM-75 Baby phone with 2 cameras and 2,4” colour screen2 cameras: ideal for several children or roomsExpandable up to 4 cameras (DVM-75C)Secure connectionClear night visionTalk back functionRechargeable Parent unit2 cameras, ideal for multiple children/multiple roomsThis set comes with not 1, but 2 baby units. Ideal for when you have several young children and especially handy in the playroom. Or when your little one is often in several rooms and you don't want to move the camera every time. This way, you can always see and hear your children via the rechargeable parent unit.Peace of mindThis Baby phone will give you peace of mind with the knowledge that your baby is sleeping peacefully. This is something you can expect from this baby phone. The Camera on this baby phone is practical, but also a lot of fun! The colour screen in the parent unit 2,4” (about 6 centimetres) will provide you with a crystal-clear image, even in the dark at night with the clear night vision mode. Enjoy looking at your little wonder, as they drop off to sleep. The DVM-75 is supplied with 2 cameras but you do have the option to expand the set with up to 4 cameras in total. This is very useful if you have a separate playing room, of if you are expecting a second child.Specification of the easy to use DVM-75 Baby phone with cameraNo matter where you are in your home, with the Alecto Baby DVM-75 Baby phone with Camera, you will have a crystal-clear image and quality sound to keep track of your baby. The DVM-75 will notify you about the activities of you little one(s). While your little one is napping, you will be perfectly aware when you are in the kitchen or garden.What



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