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Alecto Weather station with wireless sensor

Easy to read backlit display (5.4" | Wireless outdoor sensor (range up | 2 in 1 weather station. Equipped

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Want to buy a weather station? Large illuminated display & wirelessWith a good weather station, you no longer need a weather app or forecast. You simply look on the display for the current data of your location. An advantage of this weather station is that there is no prediction based on approximant measurements but actually live information at your location. This is useful if you would like to determine which clothing is suitable for today and whether your outdoor plans (picnics, swimming, skating) can go ahead.For well-trusted weather stations, with us you have plenty of choices, like this WS-2300 with a large display, on which you are offered the following information: the time, the indoor and outdoor temperature, the humidity both indoors and outdoors and the weather forecast. All this is shown in large clear numbers, letters and images. With one glance, you are fully informed.Buy a well-informed weather stationWhich functionalities should not be missing from a weather station? With the WS-2300 there are many useful functions, in addition to the weather forecast. These include a radio-controlled clock and an alarm that you can snooze, so you can immediately see what the weather is like when you wake up!The main features of this weather station:The large, illuminated screen on which you can clearly read the information.The wireless outdoor sensor, which continuously sends the most current measurements to the main unit, where they are shown on the display.The local weather forecast, so you can respond to the weather conditions in your area.Buy weather station with adjustable temperature alarmThe WS-2300 can warn you if the temperature is above or below a certain value that you have set. For example, would you like to be notified when the temperature is around the freezing point? Or do you want a notification when it gets very hot so that you can give the children (and yourself) more to drink? If you are going to buy a weather station, pay attention to all specifications and choose the version that suits you.With Alecto you always choose a well-thought-out and user-friendly product of high quality.What's in the box?Indoor unit weather station (screen)Wireless outdoor unit (sensor)Batteries AA 4xManual NL / FR / DE / EN



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