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Alecto Weather station with wireless sensor

Easy to read display (3.5" / 8 | 9 | Wireless outdoor sensor (range up | 2 in 1 weather station. Equipped

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Digital weather station: many options and wireless sensorTrack the activities of the weather with a digital weather station. Do you have to put on a raincoat or take it with you? Is it freezing and should you be alert for black ice? Does it get extremely hot and you have to give the children extra water? The weather can be a fascinating phenomenon and has a major impact on our daily lives. This WS-1150 is a digital weather station where you receive all the measurements you need: the temperature (both inside and outside), the humidity level inside, the lowest and highest measured temperature and humidity, the moon phase and the weather forecast. In addition, we have equipped this weather station with a clock, perpetual calendar and alarm (alarm function). A very full-featured and complete product!The advantages of a digital weather stationYou will receive this weather station including a wireless outdoor sensor. All data concerning the outside temperature and humidity are therefore current and accurate. In addition, this weather station is:Wireless and digital, so easy to install (no cables) and clear to read.Suitable for table and wall mounting, so you can place the device wherever you want.Equipped with a perpetual calendar and an alarm. You can use the device as an alarm clock and wake up well-informed with the date, time and weather forecast at a glance.The best way to measure local weather information accurately and reliably because national predictions often assume the situation at a certain location, and the same applies to apps. With your own digital weather station at home, you know exactly what kind of day you will be facing. Digital weather station and temperature alarmYou can read the lowest and highest measured temperature but you can also set an alarm for high or low temperatures. Think of the risk of dehydration during a very hot day, to which young children and the elderly are particularly sensitive. Or the dangers of an ice-cold day with frost and black ice. The following applies to all these situations: measuring is knowing so that you can take measures. With Alecto you choose a well-thought-out and user-friendly product of high quality. What's in the box?Weather station indoor unit (screen)Weather station outside unit (sensor)Manual NL / EN / DE / FR



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