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Alecto Weather station with wireless sensor

Easy to read display (7.7" / 19 | 6 | Wireless outdoor sensor (range up | 2 in 1 weather station. Equipped

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Weather station: predict the weather from your home | AlectoPredict the weather in your neighbourhood with this weather station. Thanks to the advanced functionality you can make an accurate weather prediction. This is a practical device for many situations. For example, you will have the optimal information to take care of your garden plants. Will there be rain? Maybe it is best to postpone the garden chores and skip watering the garden. Do you have to put on a raincoat or take it with you? Is it freezing and should you be alert for black ice? Does it get extremely hot and you have to give the children extra water? The weather can be a fascinating phenomenon and has a major impact on our daily lives.A weather stations that activates your curiosity The climate and everything concerning this is of course a fascinating topic. Not just for weather enthusiasts, but also children of all ages. With this weather station, you can measure all kinds of climatological aspects. This is not just handy to receive practical information for your daily business, but it will also inform you about the weather and its development in general. A fun topic to dive into with your children! There are weather stations in all sizes and forms, from very simple to very advanced. The WS-1700 is a full-featured and ranged product with reliable information you can count on. The wireless outdoor sensor informs you of the temperature outside, without you having to leave the house.The animated weather prediction provides a simple and fast overview of weather information.The local weather expectations, which provide an advanced view and tell you what to expectEasy to use with a large display, ready-to-use settings and very easy setup.You can see all of this on your weather station:The animated weather prediction provides great detail at a glance. You receive indoor and outdoor information, such as temperature and humidity. As an intelligent weather station, it will remember the highest and lowest measured temperature and humidity of the last 24 hours.It is also possible to read the lunar position and set an alarm if the temperature, for when the temperature elevates too high or decreases too low. In addition to all this included is an alarm clock with a date and calendar. There is also a battery indicator for when this needs changing.Choose this well designed and easy to use weather station from Alecto!What’s in the box:Weerstation indoor unit (screen)Wireless outdoor unitManual NL / EN / DE / FR /ES



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