Alecto WS-1050 - Weather station with wireless sensor, white


Basic weather station with wireless outdoor unit

The WS-1050 is a compact basic weather station from Alecto that displays both indoor and outdoor temperatures. The outside temperature is measured by the WS-1050 with a wireless sensor. The wireless outdoor unit works on two AAA batteries. From the moment you have installed the outdoor unit it continuously measures the outside temperature and sends the data to your indoor weather station. The large, easy-to-read display shows you the temperature outside in real-time. The WS-1050 remembers the last minimum and maximum temperature. This is handy: you can see at a glance how warm or cold it was the past day or night.

Indoor Temperature

The WS-1050 shows the indoor temperature at the top of the display. The indoor unit of this basic weather station has its own sensor for this purpose. The weather station works independently from the mains. Two AAA batteries are sufficient to power the weather station. Are the batteries of the weather station almost empty? You will receive a message about this on your screen. Of course this also applies when the batteries of your outdoor sensor are almost empty.

With its compact size, the WS-1050 is portable: you can take it with you to any room in your house. If you prefer to mount the WS-1050 to the wall: you can. This basic weather station is suitable for wall mounting.

All the features of this weather station at a glance:

  • The WS-1050 is a basic compact weather station;
  • It measures both the indoor and outdoor temperature;
  • If the batteries of the weather station or the outdoor unit are almost empty you get a message;
  • Both the outdoor sensor and indoor unit run on 3 AAA batteries;
  • The WS-1050 is both portable and suitable for wall mounting.

The WS-1050 is a basic weather station from Alecto. Alecto designs consumer electronics in house. Our products are thoroughly tested and meet the highest quality standards. As has been the case for all Alecto products for 45 years, it also applies to the WS-1050 that quality can go hand in hand with a competitive price.

With Alecto, you choose a well-thought-out and user-friendly product of high quality.

What's in the box?

  • Indoor unit (display)
  • Outdoor unit (sensor)
  • Manual NL / EN / DE / FR

Easy to read display (2.4" / 6 | 1 cm) | Wireless outdoor sensor (range up to 30 meter) | Equipped with sensors for registration of | Memory lowest and highest measured values | Can be placed on a flat surface or wall mounted

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