Alecto WS-1330 - Weather station with 3 sensors, white


Weather station with measuring points

  • Alecto WS-1330 Weather station with 3 sensors
  • Measure the temperature in 4 locations: 3 wireless outdoor sensors, 1 on the indoor unit
  • Ideal for measurements in the conservatory, veranda, greenhouse, shade, sun
  • Colour: White

Most weather stations measure the temperature in one fixed place. Not this weather station with measuring points that you can install yourself at three different locations, at a maximum of 30 metres from the reading point. So, you know at a glance how - for example - the situation is on the shelf in the sun, and in the shade under the tree, in the back of the garden, in the conservatory or in front of the living room. Because sun, rain and wind can have completely different effects in different places, with this weather station with measuring points you can visualise that flawlessly.

Measuring points: wireless in three locations

The beautifully designed indoor unit - which looks great on any cupboard or windowsill, but can also be mounted on the wall, shows the weather situation in three places in a clear, smart way. The three outdoor sensors measure the temperature and humidity on site. Those measured values are sent wirelessly to the indoor unit and displayed on the large screen. There you can read the temperature and humidity in numerical values, but a smiling face will also tell you how pleasant it is. So, you can immediately answer questions such as: "could we enjoy sitting in the garden?" Or "is it more pleasant in the conservatory, or on the terrace?"

Always keeping a close eye on the weather situation.

This weather station is also a suitable choice if you take weather monitoring seriously. The station will not just read the current situation, but can also do much more. It offers you the possibility to set an alarm when a certain temperature is reached in a certain place. And in addition, it has a memory for weather extremes. This weather station with measuring points remembers the last highest and lowest values, so you are always informed.

What's in the box?

  • Indoor unit
  • Outdoor sensor 3x
  • Instruction manual NL / EN / DE / FR

Ideal for use in the sun room | Porch | Green house | 4 Point temperature and humidity measurement: | - 3 Wireless outdoor sensors (range up to 30 | - Indoor unit | Easy to read display (3.2" / 8 | 1 cm)

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