Alecto WS-2500 - Digital alarm clock with weather station


The digital weather station WS-2500 from Alecto with wireless outdoor sensor has a sleek design. The WS-2500 starts immediately with the signal from the outdoor sensor, provided the outdoor sensor is filled with 1.5 Volt AA batteries and the weather station is connected to the adapter. The rectangular display of the wireless weather station does not only show the time, date, indoor and outdoor temperature and air pressure but also the humidity inside and outside and the weather forecast. The weather forecast is animated in easy-to-understand icons. Based on the air pressure, the weather station calculates the weather for the next 12-24 hours. The Alecto WS-2500 has adjustable alarm functions for falling and rising temperatures and humidity.

Technical specifications

  • Screen size: 187 x 40 mm (wxh)
  • Measure indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Alarm clock with snooze function
  • Animated Weather Forecast 12-24 Hours
  • Measure indoor and outdoor humidity
  • Always the right time (DCF-controlled clock/RCC)
  • Color display with time, day and date display
  • Display color adjustable or temperature dependent
  • Alarm for temperature and humidity (min/max)

Tips & tricks

  • Do not place the weather station in direct sunlight and remove objects that (can) radiate heat (lamps, heaters, etc.).
  • For good reception of the radio-controlled time signals, do not place the weather station next to large metal surfaces or heavy electrical appliances such as a refrigerator or washing machine.
  • Depending on the local conditions, the range between the outdoor sensor and the clock will vary. Before actually mounting the outdoor sensor, check whether the connection between the outdoor sensor and the clock remains. Then mount the outdoor sensor.
  • Although the outdoor sensor is suitable for outdoor installation, it is not waterproof. So place this unit in a place that is protected from rain and wind.

The distance between the weather station and the outdoor sensor should not exceed 30 meters.

The weather station works on the supplied adapter. The outdoor sensor works on 2x AA 1.5 Volt batteries that are not included.


  • Weather station dimensions: 230 x 87 x 49 mm (wxhxl)
  • Dimensions outdoor sensor: 61 x 114 x 39.5 mm (WxHxL)

What's in the box?

  • Weather station WS-2500
  • outdoor sensor
  • Weather station adapter
  • Dutch, French, English and German manual.

Easy to read backlit display 7.5" / 19 | 1 cm | Display colour adjustable or temperature dependant | Wireless outdoor sensor (range up to 30 metres) | Equipped with sensors for registration of: | - Indoor and outdoor temperature

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