Alecto WS-3300 - Weather station with wireless sensor, silver


A robust weather station with a wireless outdoor sensor and clearly illuminated display

  • Alecto WS-3300 weather station with wireless outdoor sensor
  • Clearly illuminated display 5.1"/ 13.0 cm
  • Wireless outdoor sensor (range up to 30 metres)
  • Equipped with sensors for recording temperature (inside and outside)

A handy weather station with a wireless outdoor sensor

This robust weather station, with a wireless outdoor sensor, ensures that you are always well informed about the weather conditions. This means you will never be caught out by an unexpected rain shower again! This weather station from Alecto is equipped with a wireless outdoor sensor that works on 2 AA batteries. This wireless outdoor transmitter can be placed at a maximum distance of 30 metres from the indoor unit.

What are the advantages of this weather station?

Because this weather station uses AA batteries just like the outdoor sensor, you can put it anywhere in your home and use the sockets in your house for other devices. The Alecto WS-3300 weather station clearly shows the temperature, indoor and outdoor humidity, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction and precipitation. Through this weather station you can receive a signal of set conditions through the alarm for temperature and precipitation. On the screen, with a diameter of 13cm, this weather station displays animated weather forecasts with easy to read icons. It also indicates other useful information that you can use every day, such as the time, day and date. Thanks to the DCF-controlled clock, this weather station always indicates the correct time.

Always know where you stand in terms of weather conditions

In the Netherlands, the weather is often changeable and the national weather forecast is often inaccurate. With this robust weather station with a wireless outdoor sensor, you can stay up to date and be prepared if you have to leave the house slightly warmer or lightly clothed. When choosing a means of transport, this weather station can also offer a solution. As this weather station also indicates the wind speeds, you will know quickly whether you prefer to leave the bicycle at home and opt for the bus or car.

What's in the box?

  • Indoor unit weather station (screen)
  • Outdoor unit weather station (wireless outdoor sensor)
  • Rain / wind sensor
  • Mounting material
  • Manual NL / FR / DE / EN
  • Universal manual

Easy to read backlit display (5.1" / 13 | 0 cm) | Wireless outdoor sensor (range up to 30 meter) | 6 in 1 weather station. Equipped with sensors for | 1. Temperature (indoor and outdoor) | 2. Humidity (indoor and outdoor)

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