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BaByliss 38mm Curling Iron C453E

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A classic BaByliss Curlting Tong C453E curling iron just like in the salon. The quartz ceramic coating creates the most beautiful, smooth and shiny waves.

Curling iron for a coarse curl or wave

With this BaByliss 38mm curling iron C453E you get a coarse curl / wave. Also called beachy waves. The curling iron has an advanced heating element and a coating which consists of Quartz and ceramic. The new heating element is lightning fast and ensures that the temperature does not drop when you put it in your cold hair.

Quartz - ceramic

Ceramic ensures that the curling iron goes through your hair gently, the addition of Quartz makes the coating even smoother. Smoother and with even more protection your hair curls. The ceramic also keeps the curling iron at temperature. The heating element makes your curling iron hot, but the ceramic spreads the heat evenly throughout the curling iron. So your entire hair is beautifully curled everywhere.

Long and handy

The curling tong is 130mm long, giving you plenty of room to spread your curl across the tong. Once you have set a temperature, the curling tong locks itself in place. This ensures that you cannot accidentally raise the temperature during the curling process. If you still want to increase the temperature, press the + / - button for 2 seconds.

For all hair types

The curling iron has 6 temperature settings, from 140-210°C. For the first time, try to curl your hair at the lowest temperature. If you do not get the desired result, you can increase the temperature. In general: 140 - 160°C for thin hair, 160 - 200°C for normal hair and > 200°C for thick hair.

Easy and safe

The cord has been made extra long, namely 2.5 meters! So you have all the space you need while styling your hair. For safety you get from us a heat resistant mat there.


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3 jaar

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