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Billy-Billy, a care robot for the general public.

Billy-Billy is an interactive flower pot that wants to make the life of the elderly more comfortable and fun. With his sensors, he captures how warm a room is and how much light enters it. For example, he can help the elderly in taking care of plants or herbs.

Billy-Billy is a product of Zora Bots.

What makes Billy-Billy unique?

Interactive flowerpot
Billy-Billy is a flowerpot that makes the lives of the elderly more rosy in an interactive way.

Smart sensors
The sensors inside Billy-Billy capture when your flowers or herbs need some extra water or more light.

Offers advice for optimal growth of the plant. Billy Billy helps you take care of other plants as well. Billy will offer advice and suggestions based on your actions.

Easy to install
Billy-Billy is ready for use after a few minutes. Some features require an internet connection.

Common dashboard
Through an online platform, family & friends can see how happy Billy-Billy is or they can send a text message to Billy-Billy.

Offers advice for optimal growth of the plant

Weather Forecasts
Tells you what the weather is for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Gives you the headlines of the news.

Integrate calendars
Billy-Billy helps remember when a healthcare professional comes by or a family celebration is planned, so you never have to miss an appointment.

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