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ClicBot Educational Robot (Master Kit)

Works with iOS and Android | 1 year warranty

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ClickBot Master is the big brother of ClicBut Full kit with more possibilities

ClicBot is a modular robot, which means it can be built and rebuilt in many ways with different modules and combinations! With the Brain, Joints, Skeleton, or many other modular pieces, you can easily build a ClicBot that is just one of thousands of setups. Which type of robot you build is entirely up to you!

Learn to code with ClicBot and understand how robotics works and works through fun and interactive features that allow YOU to create what you want.

ClicBot can discover the world around you! ClicBot can walk, run, drive or even climb on windows! Interested in a car race with your friends? Use ClicBot to build your own unique speed racer for your running tracks!

ClicBot is at the cutting edge of robotics technology. Check out Bic - our two-wheeled self-balancing robot that can roam with you on your amazing adventures.

Film on the go with this phone-carrying car! ClicBot can be your little helper if you want to take cool photos and videos. Plus, it can go with you!

Customize ClicBot to perform personalized actions. Try setting up a remote sensor to greet you the next time you meet your ClicBot!

A perfect addition to family fun, whether it's a buddy to socialize with, a friend to play with, or even just a companion to share a good book with.

Discover the different games, interactions and functions of ClicBot! Whether it's a fun dance, a game of trivia, or even playful reactions, ClicBot is great entertainment.

With a great personality, ClicBot might just become your new best friend! Share birthdays, playtime and gatherings with ClicBot and friends, it is sure to impress!

Reimagine your world with powerful modules like the Wall Climbing Suction Cup! Modules help you create more than just interesting designs, but also explore the world of robotics through innovative thinking and imagination.



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