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COLOP e-Mark Portable Printer


Multicolour mobile printing;
Print your company logo, texts and images in color.

Free apps for customized designs;
One e-mark, two apps: the e-mark comes with the e-mark app as well as the e-mark create app.

Date, time and numbering generator;
Instantly print the date, time or number sequences on many surfaces.

QR-code and barcode generator;
Generate your own QR or bar code inside the e-mark app and then print instantaneously.

Compact and mobile;
The e-mark can be operated flexibly from a mobile app for Android or iOS.

Print on various surfaces;
Print directly on paper, cardboard, cork and even wood.

Windows Desktop Software;
For ease of use in the business sector, the e-mark can also be operated from a Windows PC.

Various accessories available;
Various accessories are available for the e-mark, including adhesive labels, a ribbon guide set, cotton ribbons, wristbands, etc.


Technical Specifications
The e-mark generates its own WIFI network
Light strip
Rotating LEDs around the e-mark indicate the current state of the e-mark and connectivity to the software
Tricolour ink cartridge
Easily replaceable and long-lasting cartridge for high quality colour imprints. Make up to 5000 imprints with one cartridge
The inbuilt quick-charging Li-ion battery allows use of the e-mark for 4.5 hours continuous marking. It can be fully charged within 3 hours
Sliding wheels
Move gently from left to right or vice versa to make an imprint, supported by sliding wheels
USB interface
Connect the e-mark with your computer via a micro-USB cable (for e-mark only). Note that charging can only be done with the power cable
An optical sensor provides speed control for the best and most reliable imprint results
Choose color:Black

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