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DesignNest Levitating Magnetic Lamp Beechwood Foot

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LED lighting | 1.4m AC/DC adapter | 37 x 16 x 11 cm | Lasts up to 50,000 hours

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DesignNest Magical Levitating Magnetic lamp
With this trendy light bulb in Edison style, you combine an eye-catching design with a unique conversation piece that brings your home to life the moment you turn on the light. This fascinating floating lamp provides both a unique form of mood lighting and at the same time for surprising looks because the metal lampshade really floats in the air.

The underlying principle of the floating lamp is based on magnetism.
Due to magnetic components in the lamp and the lamp base, the light source may float in the air. A magnet has been incorporated into the underside of the light bulb that hangs in the air while it, as it were, defends itself against the magnet in the wooden base.

The electricity from the lamp is conducted through the air, producing the floating light effect. Did you know that the lamp always floats in the air? Even when the light is off!

The floating lamp works simply with a click switch
Whether the light is on or off, the DesignNest Magnetic Lamp will undoubtedly create a true optical spectacle in your home. The floating light source fits into any interior with its beautiful beech wood design and its dimensions of 37 x 16 x 11 cm, and the matte metal parts of the lamp complete the design product.

Extra good to know…

DesignNest's Floating Magnetic Lamp takes the environment into account
Thanks to the built-in LED lighting. The use of the light is only 2 watts. The lamp can also be placed in any corner of the room thanks to the supplied 1.4m AC/DC adapter.

Did you know that the light bulb lasts up to 50,000 hours? Place the Floating Magnetic Lamp at your home, office, or meeting room. With this floating lamp, you are assured of surprised looks and unique topics of conversation.


Product Dimensions
37x16x11cm (Bulb: 14x7x7cm)
Material Base
Energy consumption
Power input
DC 12V 2.0A
Energy efficiency
Colour temperature

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