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Designnest MagnetCubes CoasterCubes


Description MagnetCubes |CoasterCubes| are modular, magnetic building blocks used to make captivating marble runs and structures.With 64 cubes and various action pieces, MagnetCubes gives you freedom to build a near infinite variety ofcomplex and impressive multi-level design miniature roller coasters and structures.This interactive track system is a unique way for individuals to learn basic physics, hone their spatial reasoning and logical planning, and develop architectural design skills. It is a fun and dynamic toy for both kids and adults. Click here tofor tutorial video on howto assemble the tracks. Designer: Steven Wolfe Specification Starter Pack Advanced Pack 70%K-Resin+30%PS Cube material 70%K-Resin+30%PS PS Track material PS Stainless steel Marble material Stainless steel 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm Cube size 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm N35 d3mm, 8pcs/cube Magnet N35 d3mm, 8pcs/cube 715g Weight 902g 64x MagnetCubes 32x Clip 4x U-turn 10x Straight 10x Quarter-turn 4x Down 3x Marble Content 64x MagnetCubes 32x Panel 32x Clip 4x Down-turn 2x Loop 4x Top-hill 4x Down-extender 4x Bottom-hill 2x Magnet-launcher 2x U-turn 5x Straight 5x Quarter-turn 2x Down 6x Marble
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