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Fysic Corded telephone with big picture dial buttons

Clear speed dial key for | Large buttons | 6 picture dial buttons

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Desk phone with photo keys A phone with photo keys is very convenient. Six pictures can be placed under each photo button of the FX-3930, so your six most frequently called contacts can be reached at a moment's notice. The phone is equipped with ten extra-large keys which are easy to see and enable you to dial any number you require. There are three shortcut keys and an extra SOS key for the emergency number. You can also set each number button as a preselection key, ensuring the phone is easy to use.The FX-3930 is also suitable for people suffering from hearing loss, as it is compatible with hearing aids. The ringing and call volume can be fully adjusted or customized to your requirements. When you receive a call, there is clear notification because a bright red light starts blinking on the phone.In addition, the FX-3930 desk phone with photo keys has all the features that belong on a modern landline telephone. It is suitable for wall mounting, and has a redial button to easily call the last number you dialled.The advantages of a senior's photo phoneA list of all the advantages of the FX-3930:Six photo keys to quickly and easily call family and friendsFour direct speed-dialling keys (including one for the emergency number)Extra loud call volume. One push of a button amplifies the sound by 40dBExtra loud ringing volume (+85dB)Hands-free callingA desk phone with photo keys from FysicThe FX-3930 phone with photo keys is developed, made and tested by Fysic. We create products that enable a longer independent life, where comfort and safety are paramount. That is why our slogan is 'Because we care'. Just like this photo button phone for seniors, each and every product we develop meets our high demands for health, convenience, simplicity and safety. We achieve this thanks to our own Research & Development facilities, where we develop, test and improve products.What’s in the box?Desk phoneHornCurly cordTelephone connection cableTable standManual NL / EN / DE / FR



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