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Fysic Extra-large analogue wall clock with day and

Direct in your line of sight | Due | Familiar and simple because of the | Extra-large digits and letters

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The Fysic FK950 is a large analogue clock with a clear display of the time, day and date. This extra large clock has been specially developed for use in large spaces. The large numbers and letters make this clock ideal for common areas, canteens, hospitals, care and nursing homes. The Dutch designation of days and months makes the FK950 extra special. It’s easy to use and place anywhere.Key features:Direct insight through a clear display of the time, day and dateFamiliar and easy due to the Dutch designation of days and monthsExtra large numbers and letters, ideal for large spacesHigh contrast between numbers/letters and the background, ideal for the visually impairedEasy to install, place or hang upIdeal for large spacesWith its size of 42 x 42 cm / 16.5 x 16.5 inch, the Fysic FK950 can rightly be called an exceptionally large clock. The extra large numbers and letters make this clock ideal for use in common areas such as canteens, hospitals, waiting areas, care homes, nursing homes or a central hall in an apartment building. Due to the high contrast between numbers/letters and the background, the FK950 is easy to read from further away and therefore ideal for the visually impaired.High qualityThe simple white analogue clock is equipped with the analogue time, displaying days and months in Dutch. It’s nice that there is no need to overthink it as it’s familiar and simple! The silent movement means you won’t hear any ticking. Brilliant! The clock is suitable for placing, hanging up and using anywhere.The high-quality Seiko Quartz movement ensures it always displays the right time. The Fysic FK950 can be used directly thanks to the included batteries (1 AA and 2 C batteries).What's in the box?Analogue clock1 AA and 2 C batteriesManual NL / EN / DE / FR



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