Fysic FD-110 - Wireless doorbell with flashing light, white


Wireless doorbell FD-110: hear and see when the doorbell rings

  • Fysic FD-110 Wireless doorbell with flash light
  • In addition to hearing, also seeing when someone calls at the door
  • Choice of bright flash light, melody or both
  • Available in colour white

The Fysic FD-110 wireless doorbell with flashlight is a handy device to have in any household. Once installed you can hear and see when someone rings the doorbell. The easy to plug-in notification unit can be placed in any electrical socket, which means the doorbell notifications can be kept nearby. If someone rings the doorbell, the Fysic FD-110 will notify you by sound using one of the 35 melodies of your choice. In addition, this wireless doorbell has the option to issue a warning by flashlight. So, even if you have a hearing impairment, your visitor or the postman will not ring the doorbell in vain. You choose whether you want to be warned by one of the notification melodies, the flashlight, or both at the same time.

Splash-proof and easy to install

In our climate it is of course important that your doorbell is splash-proof. That is why your Fysic FD-110 is, in accordance with the IP44 directive, splash-proof. IP44 means that your wireless doorbell is protected and has been tested against water splashes according to international standards. So even if your wireless doorbell regularly comes into contact with rain, it will continue to function properly at all times.

The Fysic FD-110 is easy to install and consists of two parts. You attach the push-button to your door frame next to your front door and insert the plug with the warning lamp and speaker into an electrical socket of your choice, that’s it! Your wireless doorbell with flashlight is now ready for use. The push-button works on a simple long-lasting button cell battery.

With the FD-110 from Fysic, you choose a high-quality product, for an attractive price.

What's in the box?

  • Doorbell push-button
  • Doorbell receiver
  • 1x Lithium button cell battery
  • Mounting material
  • Adhesive strip
  • Universal manual

See and hear a ring | Choose flashing light | Melody or both | Waterproof ringer (IP44) | Easy installation | 36 melodies

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