Fysic FD-35 - Phone bell enhancer with loud ringer, flash


Fysic FD-35 telephone bell amplifier with extra loud bell and flashlight

  • Extra telephone bell with flash
  • Loud bell and flashlight when phone bell rings
  • Ideal for the visually impaired and hard of hearing
  • Available in the colour white

What is the FD-35 extra telephone bell with flash?

If your hearing is not (or no longer) optimal, you can accidentally miss things. Like an important or friendly phone call. Even if you expect the call, it is annoying to have to stay close to the device. This is a thing of the past! Thanks to the extra telephone bell with flash, you will hear and / or see it loud and clear when the phone starts to ring.

Is the extra telephone bell with flash easy to place?

You simply hang up the telephone bell. An additional power supply - such as a plug or batteries - is not necessary; the telephone bell receives its power from the telephone connection. You will receive an extra long cord of three metres to connect the extra telephone bell to your fixed telephone.

What are the main advantages of this extra telephone bell with flash?

Listed below are the main features of this product:

  • As soon as the phone rings, you will see bright flashes of light and hear the bell thanks to the extra loud volume
  • The telephone bell is ideal for the visually impaired hard of hearing
  • The device is easy to install
  • You do not need extra power, such as an electrical outlet or batteries
  • The bell has a volume of over 95dB

Fysic develops smart products that contribute to enjoying a more comfortable and independent life. For anyone who likes to take advantage of progress, our products offer you a wide range of well-thought-out, high quality devices, such as this extra telephone bell with flash.

What's in the box?

  • Telephone bell
  • Mounting material
  • Y splitter
  • Telephone connection cord (3m)
  • Quick Start Guide EN

Suitable for the visually and hearing impaired | No extra power supply required | Easy installation | Extra loud ringer 95 dB | White LED flashing light

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