Fysic FW-18 - Mini mobility hometrainer with electric pedal support


Mobility for the elderly: strengthen your muscles with this trainer

Sufficient muscle strength provides a good, vital feeling and a stable body. It is therefore important to have. Strong muscles are indispensable, especially when you are getting older or if you need to recover from surgery, for example. You can rehabilitate and train your body easily and pleasantly with this Fysic FW-18 chair bike / mobility trainer. It’s a device to keep your muscles moving in a pleasant way, aimed at extra mobility for the elderly. You can build up your efforts slowly or work as hard as you want. The machine’s pedal assistance helps you on your way, so you can even use it if you have not exercised for a while or don’t feel like it. Its effectiveness is guaranteed!

Smart trainer ensures mobility and movement for the elderly

The FW-18 is an electrically powered minibike for the automatic training of muscles in legs and arms. Its main specifications are:

  • It’s a mobility trainer for training and rehabilitation at home. You won’t have to leave your house and can use it whenever you want.
  • This way of training gives you increased muscle strength an improves blood circulation.
  • Thanks to its electric pedal assistance, you don’t have to exert much effort for your muscles and blood circulation to get a big boost.
  • The trainer has a detachable display with a flexible curling cord.

User-friendly mobility tool for the elderly

This mobility trainer boasts all kinds of useful options, such as the five pre-programmed training programs which help you complete a training course. The adjustable speed control has twelve positions, allowing you to train at your own pace. The timer allows you to set the number of minutes you want to do a certain exercise for (1-15 minutes), before you start working out. For safety reasons, there are straps on the pedals to stop your feet from sliding. The detachable display shows you all the relevant information: your speed, time remaining, distance travelled and calories burned.

Fysic offers you a well-designed, user-friendly and high-quality product.

Key features:

  • Improves muscle strength and circulation, making it perfect for rehabilitation
  • 5 pre-programmed training programs
  • Adjustable speed control (12 positions)
  • Timer (adjustable from 1 to 15 minutes)
  • Views of speed, time remaining, distance and burned calories
  • Detachable display with flexible curling cord
  • Pedal straps
  • Voltage: 230v, 50HZ
  • Power: 70W
  • Weight: 5.5 Kg / 12 lbs

What's in the box?

  • Chair bike / Mobility trainer
  • 2 pedals
  • 2 footrests
  • Mounting material
  • Manual in NL / EN / DE / FR

Easy to exercise / workout from home | Improves muscle strength and circulation | Improves muscle suppleness | Ideal for training and rehabilitation | Pedal assistance: Low intensity movement | Can be

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