Fysic FX-3920 - Big button corded telephone for seniors, black


Landline phone with large keys

The FX-3920 is a great landline phone with big keys. All the features that most people look for in a landline phone for seniors are built into the phone. The phone is compatible with hearing aids. You will not experience any interference or noise when having a conversation using a hearing aid. The high and low tones can be adjusted to your requirements easily during the conversation at the push of a button. Want a little more volume? At the push of a button, the sound can be amplified by 40 decibels. The phone is equipped with three additional direct-dial keys, including a button for calling a number in case of an emergency. With the FX-3920 all your important numbers are available at a fingertip. When someone is calling, there is a loud ring tone and a bright flashing ringer light, so you will never miss a call.

The advantages of this Landline phone with large keys

There are a lot of senior phones in circulation so your choice, as a consumer, is plentiful.

Here are the reasons why you should choose the FX-3920:

  • Three direct speed-dial keys including an SOS key
  • Extra loud call volume (+40dB)
  • Extra loud ringer volume (+85dB)
  • Hands-free phone calls
  • Adjustable High/low tones
  • Easy to use

Landline phone with large keys - because we care

The FX-3920 is a landline phone with large keys from Fysic. We specialise in products that enable the elderly to live indepentantly longer, especially where comfort and safety are paramount. Much like this landline phone for seniors, each and every product we develop meets high demands for health, convenience, simplicity and safety. We achieve this thanks to our own Research & Development facilities, where we develop, test and improve products until they meet our standards. That is why our company message is also 'Because we care'.

With Fysic you choose a well-considered and user-friendly product of high quality.

What’s in the box?

  • Desk phone
  • Horn
  • Curled cord
  • RJ-11 Connection cable
  • Tablestand
  • Manual NL / EN / DE / FR

Clear speed dial key for emergencies (SOS) | See incoming calls (ringer-light) | Large buttons | 3 speed dial keys (1 touch) | 10 indirect memories (double button)

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