Fysic FX-6000 - Big button cordless telephone for seniors with 1 handset, black


This DECT phone with large buttons makes phone calls enjoyable
The FX-6000 is a Big Button DECT phone, with its large legible numeric keys and large backlit display, it is easy to operate. The DECT sound quality is fantastic. It has been designed to bring back the joy of calling to everyone, even if your eyesight and hearing is not what it used to be.

The main advantages of the FX-6000 DECT phone with large buttons:

  • beautiful design
  • large backlit display
  • legible characters

In addition, the phone includes all kinds of technical features. You can pair up several handsets, and you can make each handset beep and flash at the press of a page button. You will never lose sight of them again.

Good sound quality even when wearing a hearing aid
A phone call should be made with clarity for both parties on the line, even if your hearing is not optimal anymore or if you are the wearer of a hearing aid. The FX-6000 desk phone with large buttons is designed with this user case in mind. The call volume can easily be adjusted, and then there is also the boost function. This means you can amplify the volume at the push of a button, which is convenient if the connection is bad. The phone can also boost or decrease high or low frequencies, so you are free to adjust it to your preference or hearing, even during calling. The phone also works without interference when using a hearing aid.

User-friendliness first with this phone with large buttons
Operating the FX-6000 is very user friendly. For example, you can talk and listen hands-free. There is room to put three frequently called contacts under fixed memory buttons, useful to connect to family, care professionals or an emergency number. You can store up to 50 contacts, so searching for a telephone number is no longer necessary. Like all our DECT phones, the FX-6000 includes the Eco-friendly feature, which stands for a very low radiation level.

With Fysic you opt for a sophisticated and user-friendly product.

What's in the box?

  • DECT phone
  • Base station
  • Adapter
  • Telephone
  • Connection cable
  • Telephone plug EN
  • Batteries AAA 2x
  • Manual NL / EN / DE / FR

Crystal clear DECT sound quality | Large backlit display | Large keypad | 3 speed dial keys (1 touch) | Call volume amplification (+9dB) | Hearing aid compatible

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