Fysic FX-9000 - Big button cordless telephone for seniors with 1 handset, white


Seniors DECT telephone, with alarm and room monitoring

  • Fysic FX-9000 Seniors DECT telephone single, white
  • Room surveillance. Noise in the room? The handset will call you automatically!
  • Alarm function: call 1 pre-programmed number with all buttons
  • Available in the color white

What is the FX-9000 Seniors DECT Phone?

With this seniors DECT telephone you have crystal clear sound quality. DECT is the standard for digital wireless communication on various continents, including Europe. In addition, you can configure this senior DECT telephone completely to your liking. With four phone numbers under speed dials, so you can call them at the touch of a button. And another eight numbers under indirect shortcuts (a combination of two keys). Incoming numbers gives you a VIP ring tone so you can hear who is on the line when the phone rings. And then the device also has an alarm and monitoring function. As soon as the alarm function is turned on, the unit dials 1 pre-programmed number, regardless of which key is pressed.

What can this seniors DECT phone do?

The device is equipped for room monitoring. Is there noise in the room while you are not at home, or are you sleeping? Then the handset will call you automatically. You can set whether this senior DECT telephone calls another telephone (such as a second telephone in the house) or a mobile number. In addition, you can call an emergency number at the push of a button. This can be 112 or another number that you have preprogrammed. Such as the neighbors or a relative.

What are the advantages of this seniors DECT telephone?

At Fysic we develop products that make life a little easier, safer and more pleasant. This seniors DECT telephone is a good example of this. To name a few of the main advantages of the device:

  • The display is large (clearly legible) and backlit, as are the keys. Highly visible, even in the dark.
  • For the hearing impaired, an extra loud conversation volume is possible. In addition, the device is suitable for hearing aids.
  • Both the standby time and the talk time are extra long. The device stays on standby for up to 245 hours without recharging and you can talk for up to 18 hours.
  • And thanks to the room monitoring and alarm function mentioned, this seniors DECT telephone is in a class of its own.

Fysic develops smart products that contribute to a more comfortable and independent life. Electronics for everyone who likes to benefit from progress, such as this seniors DECT telephone. We offer you a range of well-thought-out, high-quality tools.

Product Features

  • Crystal clear DECT sound quality
  • Long standby time (up to 245 hours) and talk time (up to 18 hours)
  • Phonebook for 150 numbers
  • 4 Speed dial keys, 8 indirect memories (2 key)
  • Room surveillance. Noise in the room? The handset will call you automatically!
  • Alarm function: call 1 pre-programmed number with all buttons
  • Extra loud call volume for the hearing impaired (+8dB)
  • See that the call is ringing (bell light)
  • Suitable for hearing aids
  • Hands-free calling
  • Large backlit display, large backlit keys
  • Expandable up to 5 phones
  • Callback function last 20 numbers

What's in the box?

  • DECT phone
  • base station
  • Adapter
  • Telephone connection cord
  • Batteries AAA 2x
  • Manual NL / EN / DE / FR

Crystal clear DECT sound quality | Large backlit display | Large backlit keys | See incoming calls (ringer-light) | 4 speed dial keys | 8 indirect memories (double | Room monitoring: Noise in the room? The handset

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