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Fysic Health monitoring at home set, blood pressure

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Fysic SMARTHOME350The Fysic SMARTHOME350 is a set of smart products that enables, among other things, lifestyle monitoring for seniors living alone. The system consists of a central coupling point to which smart sensors and detectors are connected. These sensors register and analyse daily movements in the house. Through the easy Smart Life app, you get insight into how your loved ones are really doing, even when you are not there. The SMARTHOME350 is a starter package that consists of a central base station, smoke alarm, motion sensor and two window/door sensors.Key features:Lifestyle monitoring in your own home or that of a senior personInstant insight into how things are going with loved ones, wherever you arePush notifications adjustable for self-defined events (e.g., when the smoke alarm goes off)To be used by family members, friends and carersThe free Smart Life app can be used on multiple devices simultaneouslyExpandable with multiple smart sensors and detectorsCan be used as a wander detectionWorks with the Zigbee communication protocolMonitor well using the Smart Life appThe Smart Life app sends notifications in emergency situations through linked smart sensors. If such an emergency arises, a push notification can automatically sound the alarm. This can be, for example, a notification that the bedroom door has been opened, or if smoke has been detected. As a carer or nurse working in a care or nursing home, this can help you provide more targeted care. You’ll immediately know what is going on and when thanks to a notification from the specific sensor.The Fysic SMARTHOME350 consists of the following products:Coupling point/gateway/hub/bridge (SMART-BRIDGE10):The Smart Zigbee coupling point for Zigbee sensors.Up to 30 Zigbee sensors can be registered on one SMART-BRIDGE10.Works with all Zigbee sensors.Uses the open ZigBee protocol.Ideal starting point for automating your homeMotion sensor (SMART-MOTION10):The smart motion sensor is wireless and battery operated.The of 3 m / 10 ft tape makes the sensor easy to attach anywhere.Gives a (push) notification via the app when signalling movement.Links actions (e.g., lamp on/off) to the event (whether or not there is any activity in the room).Detection range of up to 7 m / 23 ft during the day as well as in the dark.Large detection range due to the wide viewing angle of 170 degrees.Smoke alarm (SMART-SMOKE10):The smart smoke alarm is wireless and battery operated.Provides an alarm and (push) notification when smoke is detected.Can be coupled and expanded for alarming the whole household.The smoke alarm also works without the Smart Life app.Loud alarm of 85 dBEven if you are not at home, you will receive a smoke development report.Window/door sensor (SMART-DOOR10):The smart window/door sensor is wireless and battery operated.Thanks to the 3 m / 10 ft tape, the sensor can be attached to any door and window.Gives a (push) notification via the app when a window, door or refrigerator gets opened or closed.Links actions (e.g., lamp on/off) to the event (door open/closed).Immediately shows if all windows and doors are closed. Reassuring when you're away.Easily expandable and adaptable to any situationThe Fysic SMARTHOME350 is easy to expand with additional sensors and detectors. These can be the same type of sensors or other smart products such as smart lamps, thermostats, cameras, thermometers and carbon monoxide detectors among other things. Up to 30 Zigbee sensors can be registered on one SMART-BRIDGE10.Automating scenariosBy linking smart sensors to the central coupling point, you can also set smart scenarios. For example, you can automatically have your camera start recording as soon as your motion sensor detects movement. Or you can have your thermostat turn on the heating when it gets cold. The possibilities are endless.What is Zigbee?Zigbee is a communication protocol just like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®, which ensures smart devices are connected to each other. Devices with Zigbee support create a network together, namely a mesh network. They are therefore not only connected to a router or hub, but also to each other. As the devices are connected to each other, they can pass on the Zigbee signal to one another.Zigbee offers the following advantages over other wireless communication protocols (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and Z-Wave):An enlarged and stable networkZigbee devices are in contact with the central point (hub, bridge, gateway) and with each other. Should one fail, the other devices in the network will still be able to communicate with each other. In addition, Zigbee products transmit the Zigbee signal, which enlarges the Zigbee network.An extremely long rangeYou can connect many devices to one network, creating a substantial range. Any product that supports the Zigbee protocol can be linked.It’s energy efficientZigbee is specially designed for low energy consumption. This allows wireless devices to work well and the batteries can last for years on end.Affordable and standardisedThe Zigbee protocol is standardised, and many products can support it. Zigbee products are usually easily available and affordable.What’s in the box?1 SMART-BRIDGE10Smart-BridgeUSB adapterUSB/micro USB adapter cableNetwork cableManual NL / FR / DE / EN / ES / IT / PT / PL / SV / ROSMART-SMOKE10Smart smoke alarm2 AA alkaline batteriesMounting material (2 screws with plugs)Manual NL / EN / DE / FR / ESRegistration manual NL / EN / FR / ES / IT / PT / PL / SE / ROSMART-MOTION10Motion sensorCR2032 Button cellReset toolManual NL / EN / DE / FR / ES / IT / PT / PL / SE / RO2 x SMART-DOOR10Magnetic sensorMagnetReset toolCR2032 Button cellLogin instruction and universal manual



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