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Fysic Large analog wall clock

Extra large and clear clock-face | Silent clockwork | Quartz watch

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The Fysic FK105 wall clock indicates the time analogously. With a diameter of 30 cm / 20 inch and a thickness of 48 mm / 2 inch, you can use the clock in large spaces. Thanks to the extra large dial, the time can be seen from a distance. The black dial plate in combination with large white numerals and hands make this industrial wall clock extra legible. Its best specification is that the movement is quiet. If you hang this silent clock in your study or bedroom and you won’t be distracted by any ticking.The clock has a quartz movement. That means it contains quartz crystals, which always vibrate at the same frequency. This ensures a very precise time representation. The quartz movements’ frequency is the same everywhere in our universe. A quartz movement works on an (excluded) AA battery that only needs to be replaced every few years.A quartz movement works on a battery that sends an electric voltage to the so-called quartz crystals within the movement. These crystals regularly send off tens of thousands of vibrations per second. The movement converts these vibrations to exactly one impulse per second, causing the second hand to tick every second.The Fysic FK105 wall clock has a sleek design, aluminium housing and works with an AA battery that lasts about a year. The clock is easy to assemble and use, and it meets our high-quality requirements. It’s a reliable product at a competitive price.What's in the box?Analogue wall clockUniversal manualProduct specifications:Analogue wall clockLarge, clear, black dial with large contrasting white numerals and handsSilent movementQuartz movementAluminium housingEasy assembly and operationDimensions of (ø x d) 300 x 48 mm / 12 x 2 inchBattery operated (1 excluded AA battery)



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