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Fysic Portable pill organizer

Ideal for managing medication use: | Discrete | Compact and easy to carry | Pill organizer with 7 trays for

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Pill box with 4 parts per day, for 7 daysFysic FC-54 Pill box7 boxes for every day of the weekEach day-box has 4 day partsAvailable in black case with coloured day boxesWhat is the FC-54 pill box? Sometimes the simplest products make a huge contribution to your life. Think of the toothbrush, alarm clock, but also: this pill box. A box that indicates if you have taken the medication today, or the part of it required. During your daily routine a mistake is easy to make, that is why we have divided this pill box into seven containers, with different colours. Each container has four separate sections, in which you keep the pills you have to take. Perhaps at certain intervals.How does the pill box work? You can fill the box with the medication for a week, this way you can also see if it is time to request a repeat prescription. You can take the containers with you for that day (or a few days) and handy carrying case is included with the box. The box is dishwasher proof so it can also be cleaned easily.Is the Pill box also for the blind and visually impaired? Are you looking for a pill box on which you can read the days of the week in Braille? Thanks to the braille writing, it is suited for all users.What are the advantages of this pill box? One of the advantages is the material the box is made of; BPA-free plastic. The plasticiser used in many plastic products can be harmful to your health in certain quantities. It is not present in this pill box, which makes this pill box safe and environmentally friendly.The box has seven containers; one for each day of the week.Each container consists of four sectionsYou can easily and discretely take the box with you in the pouchThe pill box is dishwasher safeIt is transparent so you will see whether there are still pills in the boxFysic develops smart products that contribute to a more comfortable and independent life. We offer you a range of high quality, well-thought-out products.What's in the box?Pill boxQuick start guide NL / FR



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