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Fysic Rechargeable LED light with clamp

Offers help with reading or other | Ideal for use on the table | Desk or | Wireless use | Charge through USB or

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Rechargeable LED lamp with clampTo be used wirelesslyEasy to install due to handy clampAdjust the light using the flexible neckLight intensity adjustable (3 settings)Touch controlThe Fysic FL-11 is a stylish white table lamp with an energy-efficient LED light. It’s an eye-catcher on any desk and perfect for reading or enjoying your hobby. Thanks to the swing arm, the light beam can be put into any direction, so you have light wherever it’s needed. The FL-11 is:Rechargeable, so it can be used wirelesslyEnergy-efficient thanks to its LED technologyEasy to install due to its handy clampSuitable for any activity with its adjustable armUse the light as desiredThis lamp is a useful tool that can be used for reading a newspaper, magazine or book. The FL-11 is also a great solution for carrying out your hobbies, whether you like to build models, make puzzles or do crafts. By swivelling and dimming the lamp, you determine the degree of light and vision that’s desired.RechargeableThe lamp can be used anywhere for two reasons. Firstly, due to its handy clamp, making the FL-11 easy to attach anywhere. Secondly, due to the fact that the FL-11 is rechargeable. Using the included USB cable, the lamp recharges easily, after which it can be used anywhere wirelessly.Energy-efficient LED lampThe FL-11 is equipped with LED. This has a number of major advantages over other types of lighting such as fluorescent lighting. The main factor is that it’s energy-efficient. LED consumes a lot less energy than other types of lighting, even up to seven times less. In addition, the light intensity is adjustable to three different settings. It saves you money and is much better in terms of CO2 consumption. Additionally, LED has a long service life and the lamp does not get hot, making it safe to use.Fysic offers you a well-designed, user-friendly and high-quality product.What's in the box?Rechargeable LED lampClamp for attaching the lampUSB cableManual



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