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Fysic Ultrasonic humidifier

Ultrasonic / cool mist technology | Aroma scent diffuser | Suitable for areas up to 30 m2

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Ultrasonic humidifier with refrigerated vapor technologyFysic FC-29 Ultrasonic HumidifierUltrasonic / refrigerated vapor technologyAroma fragrance diffuserAvailable in whiteWhat is the FC-29 Ultrasonic Humidifier?A healthy and pleasant indoor climate is necessary. If a lot of moisture lingers due to the dryer or shower, there is a chance of mould formation. But if the air becomes too dry, other problems may occur. Dry air can cause all kinds of discomfort such as allergic reactions, an itchy cough or itchy eyes. This ultrasonic humidifier gives you a pleasant indoor climate. The device spreads water like fog and thus maintains the air’s moisture content.How does this ultrasonic humidifier work?This humidifier has numerous good features. It allows you to set the amount of fog from the minimum (one drop) to the maximum (three drops). After a few days of use, you will soon know what works best for your environment. The duration is also adjustable, because an ultrasonic humidifier does not have to be on non-stop day and night. The duration partly depends on the dimensions of the room and your preferences. You can choose from two hours, four or six. In the removable tank you can store no less than five litres, which is enough for fifty hours of non-stop operation. If the tank is empty, the humidifier switches off automatically. The device’s lights will start flashing as a signal that the tank is empty. Therefore, you’ll hardly have to worry about this device. Thanks to the antibacterial material, you do not have to clean the ultrasonic humidifier either.What are the ultrasonic humidifier’s key features?You choose a humidifier based on several things. For example, the dimensions of the room where you are going to place the device. We have humidifiers for rooms up to 215 square feet, whereas this product is made for rooms up to 323 square feet. You don’t have to place the device in the middle of the room (although you can, because it’s quite an eye-catcher). It fits well in a corner or alongside a wall. What other features are important? We would say, the device’s cooling vapor technology. This ensures that the mist is suitable for sensitive skin. With the aroma fragrance diffuser, you can spread a nice (subtle) smell in the room. The large five-litre water tank is removable, so you can easily fill it. With a full water tank, the ultrasonic humidifier can operate non-stop for up to fifty hours. Fysic develops smart products that contribute to a more comfortable and independent life. These are electronic products for anyone who likes to benefit from advancements, such as this ultrasonic humidifier. We offer you a range of well-thought-out, high-quality products.What’s in the box?HumidifierAroma scent trayWater tankCleaning brushRubber lid for exhaust airAdapterQuick start guide EN



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