Gravity Blanket All Seasons Grey

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Do you ever wish that the things that keep you awake at night were not there anymore?

A good night's sleep contributes to a happy and healthy life. However, a good night's sleep is not always in your own hands. Worrying, feeling restless and countless other reasons can cause you to have sleep problems. Let mental and physical disturbances no longer determine whether and how you sleep. Take matters back into your own hands.

A blanket of peace
Discover the soothing feeling of our handmade Gravity® Blanket. Free yourself from everyday hustle and bustle and experience complete relaxation from the moment you wrap the therapeutic weighting blanket over you. That can be in bed or on the couch at night.

The evenly distributed subtle pressure from the blanket urges the nerves and the brain to calm down. Perfect for when you are struggling with stress, anxiety, and restlessness, but also proven effective for adults and children with ADHD, Autism, and Down syndrome.

✔️ Soft velour - Gravity® Blanket is made from organic cotton and also has a soft velour side. Discover the special feeling of a loving hug when you wrap the blanket around you.

✔️ Hypoallergenic - Handmade in Europe with the important wish that the weighted blanket should have a positive effect on everyone. The hypoallergenic material is therefore soft and safe, even for people with sensitive skin.

✔️ Every season - Gravity® Blanket is there for you every season. The weighted blanket is also available with an airy summer cover, both of which are easy to wash. Do you want to use the weighted blanket all year long? Then choose the standard version.

✔️ Sleeping better, living better - whether you are 'healthy' or not, getting enough sleep is an important necessity of life for all of us. Doesn't a good night's sleep seem right for you? Your best nights are yet to come. Sleep longer and deeper and discover how your days will also be more fun, energetic, and happy. Meet the ultimate weighted blanket.

Gravity® Blankets are available in different weights. For ultimate relaxation, we advise you to choose a blanket that is approximately 10% of your body weight.

No longer let mental and physical turmoil rule. Determine yourself when you go to sleep.

Choose color:Grey
Choose size:150 x 220 cm
Choose weight:6 kg

100% organic cotton | Velor | 80% even weight distribution

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