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Now you can grill like a Pro with GrillEye®

The GrillEye® Professional Meat Temperature Probe is specifically designed for precision temperature tracking with the GrillEye® smart grilling device. It, also, includes the GrillEye® probe clip that enables precision ambient temperature readings.


Withstands up to 380℃ - 716°F.
Measures up to 300℃ - 572°F.

Use with any Grill or Smoker
Employing an extra long wire, GrillEye® probe can be used even in grills with big housing.

Safe for use with food

The GrillEye® probe is approved by the FDA for safe use with food.

Heavy Duty

The GrillEye® probe is made of space-grade aluminum for durability and safe use under any condition while grilling.

Precision Temperature Tracking

Grill or smoke any meat to perfection by keeping precise track of the corresponding temperature using the GrillEye® meat or ambient probe.

2 in 1 Meat & Ambient Temperature Probe

With GrillEye® you don't need to buy an Ambient Temperature probe separately. It includes the GrillEye® Probe Clip for ambient temperature readings.

Flame-Proof Grip
The aluminum used on the grip of GrillEye® meat probe can withstand direct exposure to fire for a limited amount of time thus making it the most durable temperature probe ever made.

Easy & Organized Stacking and Storage
Stack all of your GrillEye® meat probes, one on top of the other, and store them in an orderly way until next time.
Simply connect the GrillEye Probe Base to your GrillEye by plugging it into a free port.

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