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Harmoni Standard Balancing Board

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Want to stay active while doing your 9-5 desk job? You sure can! Harmoni developed the Standard Balancing Board for you to use while working or studying. It can even be part of a workout routine to improve your overall balance, helps build muscle and reduce weight. Swing from right to left and start profiting from this easy-to-store fitness accessory today. The balance board is slip-resistance as it consists of 100% durable FSC certified birch plywood. This provides you with maximum comfort and support. Combine this Balancing Board with the Harmoni Desk to experience its full benefits. We also recommend purchasing the Harmoni Standing Mat to guarantee a scratch-free surface.

- Stay healthy while working from home with the Harmoni Standard Balancing Board!

- Enhances balance, reduces injury & helps to build core muscles

- Helps you stay focused for longer

- Burns extra calories throughout the day

- Handcrafted with 100% FSC approved Birch Plywood


FSC certified sustainable birch plywood
2 kg
Made in

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0.66 ton CO2 compensated
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