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Herome Combi-Pack Nail Hardener Extra Strong & Exit Damaged Nails


Combi-Pack of two products that go perfectly together. Extra favourably priced; at least a 10% savings on the single unit price. The Exit Damaged Nails restores and improves the condition of the nails. The Nail Hardener Extra Strong gets you strong nails. Herome Exit Damaged Nails Suffering from damaged nails due to artificial nails and medication? Address damage while boosting strength with Exit Damaged Nails Oil from Herome Cosmetics! Intensive Nail Treatment for Post-Acrylic Damaged Nails This innovative nail strengthener and growth polish targets damage and brittleness after removing acrylic nails. Add this must-have to your French manicure set or collection of nail care products. Quick and Easy Application Our nail care treatment is fast-acting and effective. For noticeable results, follow these steps: 1. Apply the almond oil for nails daily for 1 week. 2. Using your fingers, massage the oil lightly over the nail bed so that it is well absorbed. Note: Make sure to use the nail oil on unpainted nails only. Natural Nail Care at Your Fingertips Herome Cosmetics has been a market leader of natural nail care in the Netherlands for over 40 years. We believe in thorough research and the fulfillment of delivering on what you promise with your products. That’s why, you can expect our Nail Essentials Set to yield effective results. With Herome, beautiful hands and nails are possible for everyone! Herome Nail Hardener Extra Strong The undisputed number-one of all nail hardeners! This unique Herome Nail Hardener Extra Strong guarantees strong nails within 30 days. After just 8 days, the first results are noticeable! By using the hardener, nails become iron-strong in no time at all. Beautifully long nails are possible for everyone! Instructions for use: Day 1: apply one layer of the nail hardener.Day 2: repeat and apply a second layer of the nail hardener.Day 3: remove the layers with the Caring Nail Polish Remover and apply a new layer of the nail hardener.Day 4: apply a second layer of nail hardener, etc.Repeat these steps for 30 days.


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