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Ear id™
If you are having trouble hearing in crowded surroundings or when multiple people are speaking simultaneously, your ears can become overloaded. The IQ Buds solve these problems by the use of an intelligent audiometric system that learns how you hear and automatically adjusts the earphones to your hearing prescription.

The Super Intelligent Noise Control-technology helps you to balance between noise from your surroundings and speech. This way, you can decide what you want to hear yourself.

Superior sound for calls & music
The advanced wireless connectivity and microphone technology offer hi-fi audio and clear phone calls. Additionally, you can easily connect the earphones to your digital devices and use a Voice-Assistant such as Siri to control them.

Best-in-class battery life
You can use the earphones, on a single charge, for a minimum of 20 hours of on-the-go Bluetooth streaming or 32 hours of on-the-go hearing processing.

Comfortable and secure
The tap-touch earbuds with customizable tips are designed for comfort and hands-free control. Next to this, the earphones are sweat- and water-resistant, which makes them perfect for exercising.

Customizable app
The corresponding app gives you the possibility to try out different hearing-settings to personalize and optimize your hearing experience to specific activities and locations.

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