Reminder: The SIXPAD app for the devices is only available for the following countries: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Japan

Effectively trains the leg muscles, targets the quads. 

Sends a low 20Hz frequency signal into the muscles that make them contract and relax. Push and go, 23-minute built-in program based on Cristiano Ronaldo’s training method (1-20 power levels). Patented 20Hz can pulse™ technology. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A full charge would last approximately one month of training.

Bluetooth enabled device, connect to your smartphone, control and track your progress with the SIXPAD app.

What is EMS?
Normally, our muscles are made to move by signals transmitted by the brain through our nervous system.
EMS, short for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, uses electrical impulses to create an involuntary muscle contraction and get your workout going.
Normal physical activity uses approximately 30% of muscles fibres leaving 70% dormant. EMS can effectively target and stimulate these dormant fibres.

EMS training for efficient body toning
Muscles are made of extremely fine fibres which can be classified as slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibres.
Fast-twitch muscle is relatively easy to build with consistent training, and it characteristically leads to a toned body. However, to activate these muscles one would need to train at a load heavy enough to become out of breath, and therefore requires hard training.
EMS allows an approach that targets fast-twitch muscle even under a slight load, and therefore it can more easily lead to a change in appearance.

How it works
20Hz - A frequency that can train muscles effectively. Proven by global authorities in sports medicine.
Professor Toshio Moritani is a driving authority in the field of sports science and has been researching and studying the training effects of EMS for over 40 years.
The various EMS devices available in the market are set at a variety of frequencies, but Moritani's studies focused on muscle development and discovered that effective training of the muscles is best achieved at a frequency of 20Hz.

Emeritus Professor, Kyoto University
- Toshio Moritani
Our potential is unlimited. Keep training, and I'm confident it will bring a revolution to your body.

- Cristiano Ronaldo 
I've always said to myself that consistent effort to improve my capabilities is the key to becoming the world's best. EMS is an important factor in achieving that improvement. Outstanding performance is the result of daily training. It isn't magic. It's persistence.

Our research
Sixpad EMS devices shown to be efficient in increasing muscle strength in a recent clinical trial. Over-70's with musculoskeletal syndrome subject of the clinical trial. Positive results obtained when SIXPAD 'Bodyfit' product was used regularly.
Our 'Bodyfit' product was used for clinical trials. The SIXPAD product shown (name) employs the same EMS technology and training program and operates at 20Hz frequency as the Bodyfit & similar.

Rectus abdominis muscle mass increase 29% after 8 weeks of abs belt use
With the use of ultrasound measure the effectiveness of AbsBelt in increasing Rectus Abdominis muscle mass. Subjects' muscle mass was measured before the experiment, 4 weeks in the experiment and 8 weeks in the experiment. Subjects are to use the AbsBelt once per day

Triple muscle mass increase 12% after 8 weeks of body fit use
With the use of ultrasound measure the effectiveness of Bodyfit in increasing triceps muscle mass. Subjects' muscle mass was measured before the experiment, 4 weeks in the experiment and 8 weeks in the experiment. Subjects are to use the Bodyfit once per day

The 23-minute training programme calculated for efficiency
The installed training programme, designed under the supervision of Professor Toshio Moritani and Cristiano Ronaldo, is 23-minutes from start to finish. Exercise intensity increases gradually over time, and the programme changes automatically from warm-up to training and cool down.
Once the programme is completed, the power switches off on its own. All you have to do is push the Start Button and get ready to train.

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